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Includes the opening ceremony so you can connect with your tribe, meditations, and all the great line-up of experts in energy medicine and others to support your practice.

  • Main Conference/Live Stream includes 14 sessions + 12 CE hours  ($195 Value)
  • Cyndi Dale Masterclass+ 3 CE Hours  ($125 Value)        
  • Family Constellations + 3 CE Hours  ($95 Value)   
  • Intuitive Healing + 3 CE Hours  ($95 Value)         
  • Essential  Oils + 3 CE Hours  ($95 Value)  
  • Creating Energy Shifts +3 CE Hours  ($95 Value)     

TOTAL VALUE: $700 + 27 CE Hours

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I'm so excited for all the good things that are happening this year for Healing Touch and the shifts in peoples' understanding of health and wellness, and the important role that energy work plays.

Our 2019 Healing Touch Worldwide conference was a huge success. We gathered with over 400 Energy Practitioners both in person and virtually to learn, celebrate and be in community.  At this conference we had the privilege and honor to learn from the leaders in our field. This included time with Cyndi Dale, a major contributor to the work in the field of energy medicine.  


I have heard from many people in our community that they would love to join us and for one reason or another they are just unable to make it. The main reasons given were either the dates didn't work or the cost of the conference and travel was not within their budget.

So here is what I did...

I found a group that could not only video record our conference, but they could also live stream our conference. This will give us a way to connect as a larger community... even for someone who can't attend the conference in person.

So.... if you weren't able to join us in San Diego for the 2019 Healing Touch Worldwide conference - you can now do the next best thing - get the conference recording package!

While face-to-face time is invaluable, you can still participate and benefit from the great offerings and speakers we have lined up at the 2019 HT Conference through HTP's Virtual Conference!

You can use the featured virtual sessions to learn new techniques, explore new theories, discover development in research and connect with your tribe!

Opening Cermony

Connect with your Tribe! This event will be Live Streamed so you can energetically tune in with everyone at the live event as well as the larger community that will be attending virtually. .25 CE

Lisa Gordon, CEO

Lisa will welcome you to this years conference and share where HTP is going in the next year and beyond. Discover our new developments and our vision for the future. .5 CE

Pinning Ceremony

It is an honor and privilege to celebrate the accomplishment of our newly certified Healing Touch practitioners (HTCP) receiving their certification pin! .5 CE

Karen Drucker

Keynote: One Heart at a Time: How music can heal yourself and the world. 1 CE

In this musical presentation you will discover how using music, humor, and spiritual practices can set you up in a positive tone so that the gift you give to the world is from your authentic self.


Set the tone of your day with our morning meditations delivered by our community members. 

Saturday and Sunday Morning. .5 CE 

Zelda Lockhart

Keynote: Mutual Vulnerability and Community Building: Enhancing the Way You Practice by Accessing Your Personal Stories. 3 CE

You’ll explore your own personal plot so that you can use it as a tool to tap into your internal wellspring source so that you can intentionally manifest your gifts wherever you go, and with whomever you work.

Healing Warriors

Discover all the support that the Healing Warriors Program is bringing to Veterans. 

Healing Touch Professional Association

Amelia Vogler is going to share not only what is evolving at the HTPA but she is going to invite you into an experiential journey  that guides you back into the center of your heart.  This experience is intended to strengthen the greatest professional tool that you have - your ability to sit within your heart, to call your inner healer, and connect with your wisdom council.  


Sky Nelson-Isaacs

Keynote: Living in Flow: The Science of Synchronicity and How Your Choices Shape Your World.  1.5 CE

Referring to a cutting-edge scientific theory of synchronicity, Sky Nelson-Isaacs presents a model for living “in the flow”--whether at home or at work- -which allows for a more flexible relationship with daily experiences and can bring harmony and fulfillment into your life by aligning with circumstance.

Sharla Jacobs

Keynote: Attract and Serve More Clients Now. 1.25 CE

Many Healing Touch Practitioners wish they could serve more clients and have more people attending their classes, but don’t have enough of their ideal clients finding and hiring them. The key is to get both the Tools and the Transformation so you can change your story about your ability to attract enough clients and star

Zelda Lockhart

Workshop - The Relationship Museum: Building Community Through the Mutual Vulnerability of Shared Stories .5 CE

Dr. Lockhart utilizes humor and the irony of our dichotomies as the opportunity to laugh about our shared human dilemmas to gain a better understanding of our ability to engage in transformative work in the lives of others by engaging in transformative work in your own life utilizing your personal plot as the tool.

Cyndi Dale

Keynote: The Light that Bridges the Gap: Crossing Through the Dark to Wield the Light  2.5 CE

In this presentation you will explore the conceptual understanding of cosmology necessary to understand why the world seems so dark and why it’s hard to totally grasp and use our gifts. Learn specific techniques that clear the resistance (our own and others) and make completely available this light or power of goodness.

Closing Ceremony

Master Class - With Cyndi Dale

Masterclass - Miracles: Yours to Receive, Yours to Deliver. 3 CE

In this workshop you will work through your doubts to become a channel of the miraculous. The connection to the heavenly light will enable you to be a conduit for miracles no matter your current state of emotions, including doubt or lack of self-confidence.

Debra Reis

Post Conference Workshop: Enhance Your Energy-Based Practice with Aromatherapy 3 CE

Have you been wanting to add essential oils to your healing practice? Join us in this three hour foundation for using essential oils safely and with confidence for yourself and and/or for clients in an energy therapy practice.

Jeanie Ballard

Post Conference Workshop: Family Constellations: Resolving the Family Imprint and “Re-Rooting” The Family Tree  3 CE

Family/Systemic Constellations is a living science that explores the dynamics of family relationships connected to wellbeing and success in life. It is a three-dimensional group or individual process that has the power to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness.

Amelia Vogler

Post Conference Workshop:  Translating Cyndi Dale Intuitive Healing and 13 Chakras to a HT Healing Practice .  3 CE

Expand the impact of your HT sessions by discovering how to take Cyndi Dale’s expanded energy system model and intuitive techniques and translate them into our current Healing Touch methods and protocol.

Barbara Evans

Post Conference Workshop: Creating Energy Shifts for Healing with Art, Sound and Crystals 3 CE

Explore unique healing tools of high vibrational geometry art, sacred sound and crystals that profoundly support and enhance energetic frequency shifts fundamental to healing. You will also learn about practitioners’ experiences and how to integrate this new approach, Art of Raising Frequency, into your own practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

2019 Healing Touch Live Stream and Virtual Conference

You will need to attend any portions that you want CE credit for. To get your CE credit you will fill out an evaluation form with the hours that you watched.

You will receive specific instructions by email after the live event to help you get your CEs.

You will get your certificate after your fill out your CE worksheet and evaluation and submit them to HTP by email. A digital conference certificate will be emailed to you after we receive your forms. We don't have an automated process to create the CE certificates, so processing and delivery by e-mail may take up to two weeks, depending on volume. 

The live stream recording will be available immediately after the conference It will be broken up by day, on the same page, it was streaming. The individual classes that are being shot during the post conference, will be available two weeks after the event.  

CEs are based on the events that you watch and fill out an evaluation for. The general conference has up to 12 CE Hours.
The Masterclass and four Post Conference workshops are 3 hours each for a total of 15 hours.

The live stream and post conference package is $349, but you can get it right now for only $249 (until Jan 23).

Push the play button on the video screen and join the live streaming in process.

Yes all the live streaming and the post conference will be archived and posted. You can view these when you want and as many times as you like.

We expect people to jump in and out of the live stream as their schedule allows. If you log out you will need to go back to the special link. However the live stream will continue to play. So you will jump back in were ever the live conference is at.

The live streaming will be exactly that LIVE! It will follow the live event schedule. See the conference schedule HERE.

The events that will not be live streamed are breaks, meals and the following on specific days-

FRIDAY: Reception, Group Healing Exchange and Sound Healing Gong Immersion

SATURDAY: Morning activities, Poster presentations, Karen Drucker Concert, Saturday evening banquet, HTWF Auction and talent/variety show

SUNDAY: Morning activities, Poster presentations

The live stream and conference recordings will be hosted online. You will be emailed a special link to access the live stream page. Simply go to this page and you will be able to see the live stream while it is happening.

"This is a great benefit for those of us who cannot travel! I am so glad that I can get CE credits for this virtual conference. Additionally, I feel like I am getting to be part of the conference and can see my Healing Touch friends. I wouldn't miss this!"

Thanks, Kathy

"I am very excited to be able to attend the virtual conference. It is so ironic this was offered as I had just discussed this with another practitioner how I wished someday that the HTP could offer just what your offering now!!!!The universe was listening. Your details are very helpful. I am excited to be able to attend from home."

Thank you, Teresa

"Thank you for your forward thinking in making the HT conference virtual. From a budget perspective I was not able to attend the 2019 HT conference but now I can! Virtually! Again Thank you to you and your team for your hard work . It is greatly appreciated. "

Respectfully, Adriana

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